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Rich Profile Building with WeChat

In our age of information deluge, buyers are better equipped to make informed purchase decisions than ever before. In response, brands have been pivoting their marketing from one-size-fits-all blasts to targeted and personalized offerings. In order to accomplish this feat, the first and most crucial step is to gain a 360-degree, holistic understanding of a customer. WeChat is a powerful tool to construct these rich customer profiles. Let us show you how!

What is it?

A rich profile is a complete archive of a follower’s demographic and behavioral history. It is best constructed in conjunction with a traditional CRM and other POS (point-of-purchase) data warehouses to paint the full picture of a prospect or customer. A rich profile should encompass the following data points:

• Demographics: Age, gender, education level, profession, etc
• Geographic Location
• Share Reads
• Purchase History *(integrated from CRM and POS)
• Engagement Level
• Interests
• Stage in sales funnel *(integrated from CRM)
• Follow Source

Why do it?

Comprehensive understanding of consumers, their needs and motivations should guide the direction of your brand’s overall marketing strategy. Armed with this information in your arsenal, you can effectively incentivize followers to make new purchases and retain and upsale existing customers. With integrated databases in your follower profiles, you can even implement cross-platform marketing to increase your offer’s relevancy.

How to do it on WeChat?


It is the simplest and most effective way to collect follower information. You can accomplish this in creative ways by offering the right incentives and engagements. Welcome Journeys are particularly effective tactics for collecting valuable follower insights. Statistically speaking, followers are 30% more likely to engage with your account during the time of follow, thus make every QR code scan count! You can also conduct periodic feedback surveys and automated engagement conversations by offering small, attractive rewards.


You can gather behavioral and implicit follower data by having the proper tracking mechanism in place on WeChat. This includes LBS, follow source, actions (including menu clicks, conversation replies, customer service sessions) and interests, which can be determined by tagging your posts.


You should always integrate your customer databases! Whether they are from traditional CRM’s, other social media sites, web analytics gathered from campaigns, H5’s, websites, e-commerce shops, and offline events. The more information you can integrate, the more holistic your understanding of a customer will be.

Rate & Score

Determine the purchase readiness of a prospect by conducting lead scoring. Every time the prospect completes pre-defined key actions, such as clicking on the “Store Location” or “Make an Appointment” menu link, add points to his or her overall lead score. Once this score crosses over a certain threshold, you can deploy valuable personalized sales attention to engage them directly.

Metrics of Success:

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To measure your rich profile building success and prove its ROI, you can add the following KPI’s to your WeChat reporting mechanism.

• Followers with complete profiles
• % of Followers with complete profiles
• Databases integrated
• Unique offers (posts, campaigns, H5’s, events, etc) created based on buyer profiles
• Conversion rate of followers with complete profiles (compared to the conversion rate of followers without)

At the end of the day, collecting the data to understand your customers down to the individual level is only half of the work, creating tailored and targeted offers to match their needs is the key to improving overall conversion