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Welcome Your Followers with Welcome Journeys


What is it?


Welcome Journeys are short conversations you initiate with new followers as soon as they scan your QR code. These conversations can trigger posts, survey questions, campaigns, and other creative WeChat engagements. The goal of Welcome Journeys are to delight and retain followers.

Why do it? 

The main goals of all WeChat marketing teams are to increase follower base, decrease churn rate, and improve conversion in the long run. Data shows that an account’s followers are the most engaged right after they follow it, which means that they are more likely to:

-read your posts

-participate in your campaigns

-answer your survey questions

In other words, Welcome Journeys are the first and possibly only time a follower engages with your WeChat account. WOW your followers with this experience so that they stay loyal and active! Here are the key benefits:

    • – Gain Consumer Insight: Demographic, interest, and opt-in questions allow you to gain better understanding of your followers’ unique needs so that you can send them relevant content and offers.


    • – Create Marketing Segments: Using data collected from consumer insight surveys, Segment new followers into different groups, then create and deliver messages that appeal to each specific demographic and interest cohort.


    • – Engage Followers: Sending effective campaigns and posts to followers when they are the most attentive can significantly improve several KPI’s, such as campaign participation rate, post read rates, and share rates.


    • – Improve Conversion: Sending a promotion or coupon when followers can see them right away can lead to more purchases.


Types of Welcome Journeys:

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    1. 1. Campaign & Promotions: Welcome Journeys are the perfect time to make new followers feel special with campaigns and coupons.


    1. 2. Consumer Insight Survey: If you want to collect demographic or opt-in interest data of your followers, the best time to ask those questions is when your followers are the most engaged.


    1. 3. Classic Content Push: Including a post in the Welcome Journey can increase its read and share rates.


    1. 4. Combination: You can create a highly engaging Welcome Journey by incorporating campaigns, interesting posts, and consumer insight questions.


How to create one on WeChat:
Step 1: Create a unique Welcome Journey for each follow source. For example, if someone followed you at a health and wellness event, then include content about the event or health and wellness in the journey.


Step 2: Define the goals of each Welcome Journey and select the right Journey Type to achieve them. For example, are you trying to improve the participation rate of a new campaign? Are you trying to find out how many new followers have young children? Etc.


Step 3: Write the script of the Journey. Create a short and fun interactive conversation to effectively deliver the questions and offers to your audience.

Step 4: Upload and distribute! Once you have finished creating your Welcome Journey, simply upload it on to your WeChat platform and activate the trigger for its unique QR Code.


Enjoy welcoming your new followers!