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Stop Pushing Content, Start Delivering Value!

Think your fans followed you to receive daily content push from your brand? Think Again.
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According to a comprehensive research project conducted by the Nielsen Norman Group, one of WeChat’s greatest UX drawbacks is vulnerability to spam. Test subjects in Beijing (a tier-1 city with 21 million inhabitants) and Tangshan (a tier-3 city with “only” 7 million inhabitants) reported that too many articles pushed by brands’ official accounts (OA’s) could easily become annoying. And some OA’s would even abuse followers’ trust by flooding them with paid ads.
根据尼尔森诺尔曼集团开展的一项全面调研结果,微信用户体验最大的缺点之一就是受到垃圾内容的影响。 来自北京(一线城市,居住人口2100万)和唐山(三线城市,“只有”700万居住人口)的实验对象表示,品牌官方微信公众号(OA)推送太多的内容很容易招人讨厌。 而有些公众号甚至滥用粉丝的信任,向他们推送大量的付费广告。
Furthermore, a recent Havas research found that 60% of all content created by the world’s leading 1,500 brands is “poor, irrelevant or fails to deliver.” But don’t just scrap your entire content department yet! The same study also found a direct relationship between content effectiveness and a brand’s impact on consumers’ wellbeing. In other words, when designed with a clear strategy and executed to provide tangible value for the audience, content marketing is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes and industries.
此外,Havas广告传媒近期的一项调研发现,全球前1500大品牌推送的所有内容中有60%都是“低质量的,不相关的或是无法交付使用的。” 当然你也不必马上把整个内容部门都解散掉。 该项研究同时还发现内容的有效性和品牌对于消费者健康幸福感所造成的影响之间有着直接的关联。 换而言之,无论在哪一个行业或是哪一种规模的企业中,若要让内容营销成为强大的业务工具,除内容本身必须具备明确的策略设计外,也需要有为受众提供实际价值的执行力。

Happy woman looking at smart phone at shopping mall
Happy woman looking at smart phone at shopping mall

Always Add Value
You should never treat your WeChat OA’s as a blog to peddle one-size-fits-all articles; that is one sure way of quickly shedding followers. Maria Garrido, Havas’ Chief Analytics and Insights Officer, emphasizes the importance for brands to understand what sort of content their audiences actually want and need.
千万不要把微信公众号视为传播“一刀切”内容的博客——这种做法肯定会让粉丝取消关注。 Havas首席分析员和洞察官Maria Garrido强调:理解受众实际想要和需要什么类型的内容对于品牌而言十分重要。
“Brands get rose-tinted glasses about entertaining people and think that is all consumers want,” she explains. “What brands need to do is break down their content, take a step back and ask, for their industry, what the role of content is. Whether it is to inspire, educating, help, reward, inform or entertain then rank them and work out what is a ‘must have’, where the opportunities are and what they should not be focusing on at all.”
她解释说:“ 品牌常常乐观地以为,为消费者提供娱乐就够了。而事实上,品牌需要对内容进行细分,并退一步思考内容在本行业中扮演着什么样的角色,是启发、教育、帮助、奖励、告知、还是提供娱乐。并从这些角色中找出‘必须具备的’,存在商机的,以及完全不需要关注的。”
Being useful is one of the most effective ways to increase a customer’s wellbeing. With the influx of readily available information today, as much as 90% of the buyer’s journey may be complete before a buyer reaches out to a salesperson of a product. Random pieces of content that aren’t relevant to audiences, have no business objective, or have no KPIs attached, just won’t work.
有用的信息,是提高消费者健康幸福感最有效的方式。 如今,可用的信息大量涌入,消费者购买经历中90%的部分可能在其接触某一产品的销售人员之前就已完成。 与受众不相关的、随机的内容,以及那些没有业务目标或是没有绩效指标的内容根本就不会奏效。
Use Data and Insights to Test & Optimize Strategy
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To understand your audience’s pain points and address them with useful and helpful content, you must first build up your follower data insight framework! You can do this by collecting data creatively, tracking your followers’ actions, tagging every post and engagement, and syncing your databases to create a holistic view. Here are the three phases of setting up your own data insight framework:
理解消费者的痛点,并通过创造有益的、有用的内容来解决痛点。 以下是建立数据分析认知的三个阶段:
1.    Discover
Understand how the intended audience finds solutions. What do they search for? What social channels do they engage? What publications do they read? What information sources do they subscribe to? What are their influences? You can collect, track, and even purchase relevant data assets to complete your Rich Customer Profile.
1. 发现
理解目标受众如何寻找解决方案。 他们在找寻什么? 他们参与哪些社交渠道? 他们阅读什么样的出版物? 他们订阅哪些信息源? 哪些内容会对他们造成影响?你可以通过数据收集,追踪,甚至是购买相关数据资产来丰富你的客户档案。
2.    Deliver
Delivering content to customers in the formats and channels they prefer is as essential as the topics and utility provided. Do your customers prefer whitepapers or chatbot conversations? Do they use mobile phones, tablets, or computers? Which questions will you answer for prospects at each stage of their buying journey to help them find a solution?
2. 交付
与提供的内容主题和作用同样重要的,是按照客户偏爱的格式和渠道为他们提供内容。客户更喜欢白皮书文件还是聊天机器人对话? 他们是否使用手机、平板或是计算机? 购买过程的每个阶段,需要为潜在顾客解答什么样的问题,才能帮助他们找到解决方案?
3.    Act
Public content that satisfies customer’s information and curiosity needs isn’t effective for your brand unless it inspires action. According to the goals of the content for the intended audience, digital marketers should use data insights to understand the triggers that motivate desired actions whether a sale, a share, or a referral.
3. 行动
In conclusion: treat each customer-facing piece of content like a conversation with a close friend. Find out your audience’s interests, goals, wants, and needs, and then deliver the relevant solution to address them. Listen, act, optimize, and repeat! 
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