Attracting and Keeping Followers Isn’t Easy.See How This Brand Achieves 4X the Industry Retention Rate



With the number of social network platforms on the rise, it is increasingly more difficult and expensive for brands to vie for customer attention.  To enhance follower satisfaction and lower Unfollow rates on WeChat Official Accounts, brands need to create  more engaging and valuable marketing campaigns. Today, JINGdigital will show you how to create a fun engagement journey on WeChat. As you increase follower interaction on your official account, you will also gain valuable consumer insights that can help you optimize future marketing initiatives.


Customer Background:


Our customer is the online sales platform of a Fortune 500 beverage corporation. The brand created a WeChat Official Account to provide cocktail recipes and nightlife guides to promote cocktail culture in China.


JINGdigital Solution:


  1. Welcome Journey
  2. Chatbot


Step 1: Create an engaging Welcome Journey for each new follower.


Using JINGsocial’s chatbot feature, the customer created a bartender guru who welcomes each new follower with charm and humor.


“Hi there, I hope we can be friends,” the bartender will say, “may I ask if you are 18 years old?”



As soon as the follower responds, the bartender will ask the next question.  To better understand and serve their followers, the brand designed the next few questions in the Welcome Journey as a consumer insights survey, and the JINGsocial platform would tag and segment followers based on their responses. Using the segments created through the Welcome Journey, the brand pushed relevant and targeted marketing messages to segments such as the Rum Enthusiasts, the Wine Lovers, and the Bartenders. As statistics have shown, targeted content marketing can significantly reduce unsubscribe rate, and our customer was able to retain more new followers than the industry average.


Step 2: Automate customer retention with chatbot technology.

After making followers fall in love with their official account, our customer needs to retain and nurture followers for the long term. This step traditionally requires a lot of investments in time, manpower, and resources; however, this customer was able to leverage JINGsocial’s chatbot technology to retain followers at a reduced cost.


First, the brand automated their customer service into a chatbot-powered Q&A. Followers of the brand’s Official Account could instantly receive answers to popular questions such as the newest cocktail recipes, the best Old Fashion in Shanghai, or the next rum festival in town.



Then the customer used JINGsocial’s data analytics framework to understand their followers and optimize their marketing. For example, JINGsocial’s behavioral tracking would push relevant promotions and offers if it detects followers “perusing” in the customer’s Official Account. The timely delivery of value delighted followers and increased engagement significantly.




  1. Many of the brand’s WeChat followers interacted with the account on a daily basis!
  2. 51% of followers responded to a chatbot conversation.
  3. 40% of followers who responded have complete profiles, tags, and segmentations.
  4. Average follower actions within the official account in the first week is 23, which is 6 times the industry average!