dior case

Through Marketing Automation,This Retail Brand Converts 70% of Its Bound Followers into Members?  

dior case

To improve customer loyalty, many brands have tried their best to get customers to join their membership programs. A brand’s WeChat audience can serve as a fertile ground for increasing membership numbers. We at JINGdigital will share with you the secret to doing this. With minimum expense, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what you can do.


Client Background: 

D is a famous French fashion house. Their main specialties are women’s and men’s clothing, jewelry, perfume, cosmetics, and children’s clothing, among other high-grade consumer goods. Theyare a highly-respected and sought-after global brand. And they have already established dozens of stores in China.


Brand D’s Main Challenges: 

  1. Although their official WeChat account has a lot of followers, actual brand members account for a very small proportion.
  2. Implementing membership drives through offline, in-store gift promotions is costly
  3. During membership campaigns, they have no effective way to track the source of registration and the result.


Strategy and Execution:

With the aid of its valuable WeChat audience, combined with the inherent advantages of its physical retail locations, the above challenges can be overcome with two strategies. In this case, the brand started cooperating with JINGdigital when it began implementing its membership system. They set up a fully automated offline-to-online membership binding system, with no additional cost and excellent results.


Through systemized internal training, the brand marketing department can integrate information from followers of the brand’s official account with both in-store and online sales data. The official account not only serves to accumulate data on existing and potential customers, but can also guide followers to complete membership registration.


1     Use the “Welcome Journey” to Complete Membership Registration:

When someone new follows the brand’s official account, a chat robot warmly greets him or her. During the duration of their conversation, it simply and clearly states the benefits of registered membership, and guides the new user through initiating membership registration. The new user can enter their information directly into the dialog box. It takes less than a minute to complete registration.

Since it is so convenient, most users won’t refuse. According to statistics, within 6 months of the beginning of the project, 80% of new users who engages with the dialogue chat bot on their Welcome Journey completed the membership registration process.


2      Targeted push. Multiple portals. Start membership registration, anytime and anyplace. 

Not everyone who begins membership registration finish it. JINGdigital will make sure followers who have started the process complete it. We segment these users into one group, along with new followers. We then send them graphics and formatted messages, spotlight brand events, and encourages them to complete membership registration and binding.  One can also enter the “member portal” on the brand’s official account and complete the process there at any time.


In this case, within two weeks, the brand’s membership project completed 170,000 membership registrations and bindings. And in six months, they achieved their goal of turning 70% of WeChat fans into members. 

dior case



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